How To Get Promoted In Any Job Situation

When I can not tell myself what I hope to accomplish, I am probably doing something that I do not need to do.

By understanding the purpose of what I am doing, I work at a higher level.

  1. I can know the best way to do a job.  I have my goal in sight.  I am doing my job based on my vision.  I can see the finished product. I can see what belongs in the work and what does not belong in the finished product.
  2. I can use the correct tools. If I am fixing a leaky faucet, I need wrenches and screwdrivers.  If I am building a deck, I need a hammer and a saw.
  3. I can work with the correct people.  To build a website, I contact a website developer.  To create images for my website, I contact a graphic designer.
  4. I can help people understand how to help me.  The best way to help people know what to do is let them know the goal of the project.  Then when they are doing their part, they can know how to make the piece they make fit into the project.
  5. I can set the correct priorities.  If I am building a house, the first priority is to clear the land.  The last priority is to hang the finished cabinets and fixtures.
  6. I know when to set the deadline.  If my clients need my work to fit into their larger project, I can set my deadline to get my work to them before they need it.  They are happier.  I can work to get my money more quickly.  If my client does not know exactly how my work will fit into the total project, I can set my deadline when I know exactly what they want me to do.
  7. I know who will benefit from the work and how to make the work fit the needs of those people.
  8. I drop things that make my workday longer.  If my goal is to write a new article for my blog, I can exhaust myself wandering around the Internet.  I keep my research efforts to books and websites that I need for my article.
  9. I can create a plan of action.  Some work may take a day to complete.  Some work may take weeks to pull together.  Each piece adds service to my customers. I can never finish the total job.  I plan to continue to add services.  My plan of action is a series of plans that continue to expand my services.  I know what I what I want to do. I create and adjust my plans of action to accomplish what I want to do.
  10. I see the meaning of my work. I have a sense of purpose.  I want to help people become successful.  My work is meaningful to me.  I want people to use the ideas and the services of my websites for their success.
  11. I find energy from knowing my goals.  I enjoy my work.  Knowing that I am trying to help people makes my work fun.
  12. I know at the end of my day where to step right into my job the next day.  I wake up excited to start to work.  I already know before I go to bed what I will do the first thing in the morning.

I set goals for the work I do.  I know what I hope to accomplish.  People who know the purpose of their work and fulfill that purpose put themselves on the list of people for promotion.

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