How to Introduce Yourself at a Job Interview

How to introduce yourself at a job interview is a series of fundamentals.

The way you introduce yourself can set the tone for the entire interview.  You create that all-important first impression.  Start with a positive tone and maintain it.  It is much easier to maintain a positive impression than it is to reverse a negative one.

When you enter the business where you are interviewing, be courteous to the people you pass.

Treat the receptionist professionally.  Smile.  Tell the receptionist your name.  State that you have an appointment and give the receptionist the name of the person you are there to meet.

You do not need to tell the receptionist that you have a job interview.  State that you have an appointment.  The person with whom you have an appointment knows you are there for a job interview.  Announcing to the receptionist and perhaps other people near you that the hiring company is interviewing people is inappropriate.

If you speak with people who are waiting in the lobby, act professionally.

Do not discuss personal matters with other people in the lobby.  While waiting in a lobby for a client appointment, I met a woman I had known professionally by telephone.  She was in town traveling on business.  She was complaining about the fact that she had a hangover and had spent too much money taking a client out to dinner the night before.  She had spent a lot of money at the bar.  She was not sure how she was going to hide the bar tab on her expense report.

At the time, the woman was had a solid career.  I had no need to know the information the woman gave me.  However, the information shaped the professional impression I have of the woman.

Use power body language.


Confidently, walk into each room during your time at the hiring company.

Sit up straight.  Stand straight.  Hold your shoulders back.  Keep your arms open.  Don’t stare at the floor.  Don’t slump and fold your arms.  Radiate warmth and openness.  Use body language that makes people trust you and approach you.

When you shake hands, grasp the other person’s hand firmly, look that person in the eye, and say, “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Have a terrific interview.

How to introduce yourself at a job interview is a series of fundamentals.  Follow those fundamentals to get a great start in your interviews.

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