How to Pick a LinkedIn Group

How to Pick a LinkedIn Group: Different LinkedIn groups have different purposes.

Some groups are directories of people in the same industry or who have the same interest.  These groups are terrific for building networks or creating databases.   You can pick nearly any business sector and find that there is LinkedIn group for that business sector.  From there, you can build relationships to expand your network.

Other groups give terrific sources of information on how to get things done or how to find people who can help you get things done.  These groups are really forums where people answer questions.  The members of these forums tend are often very responsive and may give better help on topics that relate to products which have their own company forums.

I read one article which complained that LinkedIn was letter group managers get away with too much self-promotion and that LinkedIn should police the groups more carefully.  Extra policing hardly seems necessary.  LinkedIn has set up discussions to enable group managers to move discussions from the main discussions area to the promotion or jobs discussions area.

Another nice benefit of the groups on LinkedIn is that members of the group can allow people to connect with them through the groups.  The feature is very nice if you do not have an email address.  If a person has selected not to have people connect with them through a LinkedIn group, their decision alone may tell you that you are attempting to network with someone who is not in the market and not a practical customer.

If you do not find what you are seeking in LinkedIn group, create your own group.  You might find that you have a hugely successful group that helps a lot of people including yourself.

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