How To Write Effective Business Letters

How To Write Effective Business Letters: A business letter does four things.

  1. Communicates information
  2. Creates advertising awareness
  3. Creates an image of you or your company
  4. Creates actions and decisions

Put your company name and return address at the top of the letter. If you are using letterhead, the return address is already in your business letterhead.

Here is the format. Note that some companies put the date in the right corner of the letter. Other companies put the date below the name of the sender.

Your Company Logo and Contact Information

Your information

Company name (for letters without letterhead)
Street address
City, state, zip
Phone number
Email address


Contact’s information

Name, titles
Company name
Street address
City, state, zip
Phone number
Email address

Dear Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss

Subject: (optional)

Start the body of the letter with a statement of the purpose of the letter.  For example, “I am writing this letter to order samples of your company’s products.”

State a call to action at the end of the body of the letter. For example, “Please send the samples today.”

Very truly yours,
Handwritten signature
Typed signature
Your title

Enclosures:  four pictures of samples

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