Innovators: Turning Dreams Into Reality

 Innovators: Turning Dreams Into Reality

“There’s a way to do it better. Find it.” – Thomas Edison

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Bill Gates were innovators who made their dreams a reality and changed the world.

Often the most innovative people are not inventors.  Instead, they are people who build on the inventions of others.

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Bill Gates are three such people.

Competition Creates Innovation

The invention of the automobile did not replace the horse and buggy.

Additionally, Henry Ford did not invent the automobile.  At the time, there were other car manufacturers who were making expensive cars few people had the money to buy.  What Henry Ford did was to mass produce cars that the general public could afford.

The automobile itself did not replace the horse and buggy.  The innovative ways that Henry Ford designed and manufactured affordable automobiles ended the horse and buggy era in America.

Innovation on a Mass Scale

Thomas Edison didn’t invent creating light from electrical wiring.  The invention of the light bulb was an evolutionary process.

Two Canadian inventors, Henry Woodward and Matthew Evans, patented the electric light bulb.  Unable to make a commercial success of their invention, they sold to the patent to Thomas Edison in 1879.  Nearly 80 years passed from the day that Alessandro Volta first illuminated a wire with electricity before Edison bought the patent.

What Thomas Edison did was to create a system of making electrical lighting available to the masses.

Thomas Edison’s dreams ended the era when gas lamps and candles lighted homes.

Finding Your Innovative Niche

Bill Gates didn’t invent computer programming.  He co-founded a company that wrote an operating system that could run on small computers.  The operating system that he and co-founder Paul Allen developed enabled manufacturers to make and sell small personal computers on a massive scale.

Bill Gates efforts pressured a competitive market to make personal computers available to nearly everyone.

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Bill Gates all had dreams. They made their dreams a reality.