It’s Your Day. Why Not Enjoy It?

It’s Your Day. Why Not Enjoy It?

I decide every day what kind of day I am going to have. I can either love it or dread it. Since I prefer to love my days, I am going to tell you how I am able to love them.

Depending on what was going on the day before and what I expect to happen today, I may get out of bed feeling frustrated, grateful, full of great expectation, or possibly not aware of my feelings at all.

My instinct is to grab a cup of coffee and sit down at my desk and dive into my work. This is not a good routine. If I want to love my day, I need to clear my head and decide that I am going to be happy and grateful.  Making a gratitude list is a good place to start to brighten my day.

Just because everything in life is not perfect does not mean that my mental state is a mess. This morning, the fan to my heating system continued to run even after the heater had stopped.  I chose to be grateful that I had heat.  Life is not perfect.

I avoid tabloid television and magazines. I know some people really enjoy opinion and sensational journalism. If these things brighten your day, you should watch them and read them. Any news on these media is common to most media.  If you find the spin and content annoying, you might consider starting your day with something more positive.

I watch other news sources and get a great deal of current news from the Internet.

I listen to my friends and family.  My wife is the best listener in our family.  My kids and grand kids are very lucky to have such a wonderful person to listen to them.

I like to talk.  However, I have learned that I talk to myself all day long.  I find it comforting to listen to the people I know and love.

Whenever I am having a lousy day, I can always start over, especially with help from the Internet.

I recently learned that best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell  has a new book, David and Goliath.  The book is about how David beat Goliath and how other underdogs can win as well. Here is a list of Gladwell’s other books.

From the Internet, I learned that Gladwell is in some ways like David.  He grew up in a home with no television and he plays up the point that he graduated from a public university.  He lives in a modest place.  Yet with this writing and speaking skills, he has become a king of best-selling books.

I also learned that Gladwell writes for The New Yorker.  So I subscribed to The New Yorker.

Today I read one of Gladwell’s articles.  It was fun.  The article itself gave me a new start on the day.  The title of the article is “BEING NICE ISN’T REALLY SO AWFUL.”   From Gladwell’s article I got some insight into another online publication, “Gawker” and “Gawker’s features editor, Tom Scocca.

Gladwell refutes a long essay which Scocca published on Gawker.

Happiness is an inside job.  I can enjoy my day.  Why not enjoy it?  If the day does not turn out the way I want it to or expect it to, I probably had the wrong expectation in the first place.  Writing this article gave me at least three new starts to my day as I discovered new things, new people, and new opinions through the Internet.

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