Job Alerts Are Smartphones Apps Better Than Emails

Job Alerts Are Smartphones Apps Better Than Emails

The leading job websites offer both smartphone applications and email alerts for jobs.  Both methods work well, but you may want to give some thought to privacy before you add an app to your smartphone or add your email address to a job site.

Job Apps for Smartphones
Using a job app for your smartphone is convenient. You will notice that when you install the application, you receive a notice that the app is collecting information on you. Remember as you are considering using an application for your smartphone, that the application is on your phone and you may have a lot of personal information on your phone.

Names, phone numbers, and email addresses of your contacts
Websites you visit
When you leave your home and where you go
The places you shop, dine, and hang out
Where you work
The hours you keep
The jobs for which you apply
The fact that you are looking for a job
Your income

The application developer sells your information.

If you like to keep your privacy control tight, you should give some thought as to whether the application is really helpful. If you are less concerned about your privacy, here are some things you might consider before adding a web application to your smartphone or other web devices.

Rating of the app based on stars on the app installation page
Number of downloads
Perhaps research the developer online

Job Apps for Android Phones, Tablets, e-Readers, etc

Job Apps for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Most job sites have email updates.  You might consider setting up a free email account for registration on a job boards.  Emails give you with more privacy.


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