Job Change: 4 Powerful Steps Executive Officers Use

Job Change: What are the things you must know to conduct a successful job search? These four tips might help you launch the career you deserve.

Making a Job Change

Scott Wallace is a CPG executive officer and a long-time client.  Recently, he asked me to help two undergrads launch their career.  Here is the note that he sent me for the subjects he wanted me to cover:

“As discussed, interview skills, LinkedIn profile help, social media watch outs, resume pointers, business grammar and anything else you can think is helpful.”

I appreciated his direction.  Furthermore, taking his points one at a time, I was able to examine the approach that successful professionals use in launching or relaunching their career.

Interview Skills

Fifty percent of the effort for the best interviews is in the preparation. ~

Interview Preparation: Are you frustrated with rejection when you have the qualifications for the job? These three steps will help.

Prepare to discuss these three subjects:

  1. The details of your career challenges and success
  2. Everything you can learn about the hiring company
  3. The match between your skills and the job qualifications

You can read more on interview preparation on this blog post:

Interview Preparation: Three Steps That Will Land You the Job

LinkedIn Profile and Social Media Watch Outs

LinkedIn is the leading professional social media website.  It is the best website for networking.  Furthermore, it is one of the best websites for creating an Internet Profile.

However, there are principles that apply for creating a powerful Internet profile across all social media.  These principles include the things that you should do and the things that you should not do.

In the following article, I detail how to create a powerful and engaging social media presence.

Internet Profile: Creating Your Internet Brand


“Resumes must close the sale on getting a job interview.” ~

Do you have all the qualifications and are not getting job interviews?  Look at your resume.  Additionally, look to see whether your resume shows how your skills match the job qualifications.

From there, compare your resume to the example in the following blog post.

Resumes Must Close the Sale on Getting a Job Interview

Business Grammar

Business writing is a broader view of business grammar.  Additionally, the essential skill of business writing is vital to career success.

In the following article, I discuss 4 steps to writing clearly and effectively.

Business Writing: A Skill that Successful People Master