Job Confidence


Job confidence feels good, makes us healthier, gives us energy, and enables us to focus.

Confidence is the friend of success.

Uncertainty and its ugly sibling cockiness are the foes of success.

Feeling confident when we are in the middle of success is easy.  Feeling confident when we are in the middle of frustration is more difficult.  To feel more confident, I become a more organized and take certain steps.

Call some of my upbeat pals.  Some of my friends are a lot of fun.  After I speak with them, I feel better about my world and myself.

Do stressful things first.  When I lack confidence, I relieve unnecessary mental pressure when I take care of stressful things and put them behind me.

Do simple things.  I can regain confidence when I handle some important yet simple things.  For example, reading and replying to much of my email is simple and important.   Running files for critical contacts is simple and important.

Create a schedule of tasks and break these tasks into smaller pieces.  When I create a schedule of tasks, I take the ideas that are crawling around inside my noggin and put them out there on a schedule.  Then I gain confidence when I see that I will do everything I need to do and how I will go about doing them.

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