Job Power: Get Digital.

Get digital.

Among business people, digital skills have become common place.

Some business executives may still consider anything on a computer either a programmer’s task or a clerical task and beneath the requirements of their job.

However, most executives I know use a smartphone to thumb through text messages, news, and emails as a routine part of the day.

Students learn computer skills as part of the learning process.  By that statement I mean that first students must learn how to use the school’s computer and computer programs before the student can begin to study.  So to learn social studies, the students first develop computer skills.  These computer skills are skills that the student will use in other parts of the curriculum and are skills that the student will be able to use when going on to college or perhaps into a job.

School districts have used computers for student testing for some time. More recently, school districts in Virginia and California have purchased iPads and partnered with Pearson School to teach social studies. Khan Academy is a nonprofit educational service that teaches through its own website and through YouTube videos.

The greatest benefit I see from digital-based study programs is accessibility.  Teachers only have so much time.   Even parents only have so much time.  Students can study when they can reach a computer.

There is no age limit on being a student.  There is do-it-yourself study for every subject under the sun.  I still study every day.  I make studying part of my job.

There is a fork in the road for digital skills.   One leads to programming. The other leads to use.

Developing a vocabulary for programming terminology is helpful and fun.  If you develop a minimal vocabulary for computer languages you will have some understanding in a conversation among programmers and other co-workers. Contributing to a conversation is just one part of building your career.

What developers have done with network applications is fantastic for porting your work to remote locations.  For my work, I use a PC, a laptop, a Chromebook, and an Android smartphone.  I have always bought the least expensive products.  I love them all.  I have networked them to connect with each other anywhere.

I prefer the Google Chrome browser for work.  Windows Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox have some fantastic capabilities for personal, professional, and developer use.  However, Google has integrated the Chrome browser, the Android smartphone OS, and the OS for Chromebooks.  I now find it easier to use the Chrome browser over all other browsers just because the Google system synchronizes everything and provides enough free storage for anything that I need.  I can reach my bookmarks, applications, and files on any computer with a Chrome browser.  Chrome browser works across any operating system as well.

If you are lucky enough to own a gorgeous Mac, an iPad, or an iPhone, you have beautiful and fantastic devices.  You also have a tub full of harmonically integrated, free Apple apps.  Apple devices have fantastic work applications also.

Getting digital with my job is a lot of fun and very productive.   I enjoy learning new ways of doing my job.  Actually, new computer devices and applications have made me love my job all over again.  I can work from nearly any place that I can use my computer.   When I need a new application, I can usually find one for free.  I get more work done in less time.   The digital creation is rewarding because it looks finished, polished, and clean.  I can see the results of my work immediately.  I know that I am doing work people will respect for its appearance as well as its content.

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