Landing a Job with Your Elevator Pitch

Landing a job with your elevator pitch takes preparation.  Before you go to an interview, you should script and practice a brief presentation to discuss why the company should hire you.

Your elevator pitch should cover three points.

  1. State the objective of the job.

Before you go to an interview, study the job description.  Learn as much as you can about the company.  Script how you understand the job based on the business of the hiring company.  Practice presenting a short statement of the hiring need of the company.

  1. Explain how your experience shows that you can achieve the objective of the job.

Compare your experience with the job objective specifically within your understanding of the goals of the company.  Have a three or four point summary of the ways your experience benefits the company.  Tailor your pitch directly to the company and to the specific job.  Anticipate questions and objections.  You do not need to include every possible thought in your elevator pitch.  However, you do want to have answers to likely questions.

Use simple plain English.  Avoid jargon that your current employer uses and that might not be common usage outside of your company.

  1. Ask when you can start to work.

Let the person know that you want the job and that you will make yourself available to fit the needs of the hiring company.  Do not mention income.  Your goal is to get a job offer.  Once you get the offer, you can fine-tune the details of salary, bonus, and benefits.

Practice your speech so that you can give it flawlessly.

When you have the opportunity to give your elevator pitch, take a breath before you start.  Don’t let the adrenaline drive your pitch.  Remember to smile.  Look at the person’s face.  Remember that you are dealing with a human being.  Allow a comfortable three feet of space between yourself and your contact.  Remember you speaking with the person to offer solutions and opportunities to the person and the person’s company.  You want to join their team.

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