LinkedIn: How to Unfollow a Connection

LinkedIn: How to Unfollow a Connection

It is helpful to know how to unfollow a LinkedIn connection.

Do some of your connections annoy you with the things that they post on LinkedIn?  Does it annoy you that some of you connections post political opinions or that other connections post puzzles or brain teasers.  Do you have connections who spam the news feed with post after another?

Even worse, do you find that people who aren’t your connections are fulling your news feed with their post?

LinkedIn Choices: Accept, Change, or Unfollow

There are at least three things that you can do to end your frustration with the annoying things that some of your connections are doing on LinkedIn.

One thing you can do is to break the connection.  When you break your connection, you lose access to the connections in this person’s network.  You lose their persons’ first-degree connections and on a larger scale, you lose the person’s second-degree connections.  These people no longer show up in your news feed.  They no longer show up in the list of automatic invitation connections among the people “you might know.”

A second thing that you can do is to criticize your connection for annoying you.  In this case, you risk damaging a relationship that might be valuable to you later on.

A third option is to unfollow a connection.  The person will still be your connection. The process is simple.  Go to the person’s profile, find the send button, click the down arrow, and click view recent activity.  You will land on the person’s updates.  This is a very cool page.  You can not only follow and unfollow people. You can see how many total contacts they actually have!

LinkedIn Unfollow







Remember your options.  Use those options to expand your network and build your relationships.

Images: Jay Wren