Make Cyber Monday a Great Day on the Job.

While everyone else is sneaking peaks at deals, make Cyber Monday a great day to focus on finding a job or doing a great job.

This day is a giveaway day for many of your competitors.  They are falling into the cyber pit of Internet deals.  Move ahead of them.  Use this day to find a job or do your job.

Claim some recognition on this day.  Send your network an update on your job search or send your boss an update on your progress at work.  Turn Cyber Monday into your job marketing day.

Make your browser history a success tracker. Fill you browser history with research for your job search or with research for your work projects.  When you come across great ideas on the Internet, act on them.  If you see a job listing, apply for the job.  If you see a great idea for your job, send a link to your boss.

Make your desktop your success sheet.  Fill your desktop with shortcuts to job listings for your job search.  If you have a job, fill your desktop with shortcuts to great ideas and successful projects you have in progress.

Let your competitors throw away a day.  While your competition is making a list of deals to find, make a list of opportunities you have and act on these opportunities.  Beat the competition.  Make Cyber Monday a great day to find a job or do your job.

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