Must Read Article on Speaking Like a Professional

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Must Read Article on Speaking Like a Professional

Do you want to speak like a professional? I am like many other people. I work in a professional environment. Speaking with professionals leads me to believe that I know all I need to know about speaking well. The problem is that we can’t know what we don’t know.

Occasionally, I find articles that help me become aware of bad habits I have formed. This article is one of those articles.

“Talking big is easy. Speaking well is hard.

We all do it sometimes. We undermine ourselves by using less-effective language, verbal tics, and other oral miscues. That means there’s always room for improvement to help your messages get through effectively.

We can all also use a little reminder now and then, so here are 17 of the worst offenses.”

Source: Bill Murphy, Jr, Executive editor,, and founder, 17 Speaking Habits That Make You Sound, Like, Totally Unprofessional |

Image: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra/Flickr