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We work for free if no one gets hired.  Our fees have always been based on performance.

As a recruiting firm, we specialize in finding people through our own independent research.  We only search for superstars, and we only search where you find them: that is, where they live and work.

We maintain an internal database of tens of thousands of prospects and we review and extend this database through direct referral as well as through our proprietary data development platform.

It is our goal to bring you applicants who have the talent, skills, knowledge, personality, experience, potential for long-term success, and personal goals to be successful in your company.

We use criteria that tells us that the applicants have already been through extensive screening based on their backgrounds in education, employment, and military experience.  When evaluating applicants, we ask ourselves these questions.

  • Schools attended: Did the applicant attend a university that has high admission standards and is highly ranked for its academic program?
  • Academic performance: Does the applicant have a distinguished academic record and perhaps a graduate degree?
  • Employers: Has the applicant worked at a company that is known for its success in hiring the best people?
  • Employment performance: Has the person shown stability, professional achievement, and vertical progression since joining industry?
  • Military experience: Has the applicant served as a junior military officer or perhaps attended college after military service and, therefore, been through the military screening processes?

All of these institutions have built-in screening procedures and help us know the potential these applicants bring our clients.

Then we do telephone interviews with every applicant before we refer the person to our clients. We take into consideration verbal and written skills.   We consider how the person conducts themselves in the interview.  Does the applicant appear thoughtful.  Does the applicant answers the questions asked and not just discusses what comes to mind.  We focus on the fit.  Does the experience match the job? We interview the applicants with questions about their resume and assess how credible applicants are when discussing their resume.

Therefore, the resumes our clients receive from us are few, but these resumes are from applicants who are a fit.

We value our clients and look forward to the opportunity to helping you fill your vacant positions with people who will bring value to your company.

Our website includes a blog section, as well as sections on careers and business trends. The purpose of our company and this website is to help you find a job if you are looking for one and to help you find the right person to hire if you need to hire someone. My name is Jay. As a recruiter, I try to be knowledgeable in two areas. The first is to use the best HR practices possible in matching the applicant and with the hiring company. The second is to be as informed as possible about the consumer sector, including its retailers, its manufacturers, and where the industry is going. It is that combination of competencies that have shaped my efforts not only to share information about career transition but to share information about trends that affect careers.

Before becoming a recruiter, I was a Navy officer. In the Navy, I was responsible for the safe navigation of the USS Midway (CV41). I ran a watch team to put my ship in position to launch and recover aircraft, to go alongside for underway replenishment, and to avoid running into ships and shores. At the same time I was responsible for the public affairs functions pertaining to my ship. When not on watch performing ship’s operations, I wrote articles for clearance to the wire services, operated the ships internal entertainment and news services (TV, print, and radio), and was the escort for dignitaries to include the Miss America troupe and the Bob Hope troupe.

After serving in the Navy, I worked in the sales department for Procter & Gamble and for Polaroid Corporation. In working for these two companies, I had the good fortune to learn very different business models. At Procter and Gamble, I sold fast-moving consumer goods. At Polaroid, I sold consumer durables. I had the wonderful opportunity of introducing new products with highly promoted brands and selling the leading-selling brands in their categories. I also had the challenging and sometimes humbling experience of seeing pipelines become bloated with product and trying to help retailers maneuver through the ebb and flow of consumer demand to ensure product sell through.

If you are new to the consumer products sector and not sure what terms like CPG or FMCG mean, I sold disposable diapers and toilet tissue at Procter & Gamble. At Polaroid, I sold cameras, film, and accessories.  As a recruiter, I naturally transferred what I had learned about the consumer goods sector and my list of contacts over to recruiting for the same type of people and companies. Additionally, as the coupon industry and in-store promotion industry grew, my business grew to include companies that sold those services to companies like Procter & Gamble and to Polaroid. So if you sell things like soap or soda pop to grocery, drug, mass, discount, or small appliances to electronics retailers or if you sell things like coupon services to the people who make those types of products, my company has the experience to help you find a job or to find someone for a job.

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