Our Goal is to Serve You

It is our goal to bring together people and companies.  In completing our mission, we try to see ourselves more as industry experts in consumer marketing, sales, trade marketing, category management, marketing services, and the analytics that have made today’s industry leaders far more capable of identifying consumer needs and how to provide solutions for those needs.

When I entered CPG sales, getting sales data of major customers was like navigation by the stars.  Sometimes we could find what we needed to set our course.  Often we could not.

Today’s companies know the day customers shop, the shopping categories the customers buy and the ones they do not buy but perhaps should, and so forth.  The industry moves faster as we have gone from mail, to faxes, to emails, Internet capable mobile phones.

However, the recruiter’s job is the same in terms of evaluating a match.  The hiring company says give me an MBA with an undergraduate degree in math and computer science.

Therefore, I try to do the obvious.  I provide an MBA with an undergraduate degree in math and computer science.

So in this box of tools I have tried to create guidelines to make that the job seekers get it down in writing their education, skills, and experience so that when there is a match for them in terms a hiring company I can the jobs seeker know.  Likewise I have provide an outline for hiring companies so that they can list all the skills and experience that are critical to their jobs, so that job seekers and I can see that match.

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