Paint Your Day with Brilliance Through Word Choices.

I have a choice today to paint my day and the day of the people I meet by choosing words that go down or words that go up.

I have a stellar idea. I am going to take the path of great teachers who only say things they want students to remember. I am only going to use words that I want people to associate with me.

How am I doing? If I were any better I would be in the circus. How am I doing? Tickled to be able to live in a safe place with great people and work with people who are intelligent, patient, and kind.

How as my weekend? It was wonderful. I got so many personal things accomplished that I feel like a new person!

That shirt looks nice on you.

You always know the right thing to say.

I keep great hearing things about the work you are doing.

Thank you. You did a great job.

We are so fortunate to be able to call people who can help us with our decisions.

So what am I doing with these words? I am painting my day and the day of the people around me with mood-lifting words.

Whether I am writing resumes, business letters, emails to friends, speaking with other people, or just talking to yourself, I can change the mood from dreary to bright, and I have much better vision when the direction I am going is bright.

“The World’s Most Noble Headhunter”

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