Paul McCartney: Customer Engagement and the Rock Star

Paul McCartney: Customer Engagement and the Rock Star

Paul McCartney was in Sacramento this week.  I saw him perform at the new Golden 1 Center.  I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy his show.

He is a master of audience engagement.  Watching his show reminded me of some terrific ways for creating customer engagement.

Connect with your customers directly

For Paul McCartney Customer engagement is about connecting with your customers.

Calling attention to your customers to show that you know they are real people is common sense.  Some marketers do this with customers mentions, campaigns for causes, targeted promotional campaigns.

McCartney did this by having the product crews turn the lights on different sections of the audience, especially people way back and people up in the rafters.  These are the people most likely to feel ignored. He turned to each section and greeted each section individually.

Ask the customer to participate.

Paul McCartney customer engagement is about participation.

He shouted out the name of the city.  Hello, Sacramento!  All rock stars do this.

Then he added customer engagement by asking,

“How many of you are from Sacramento?”  Big applause!

“How many of you are from areas close to Sacramento?”  Big applause!

“How many of you are from areas far from Sacramento?”  Big applause!

“How many of you are from another country?”  Surprisingly, big applause!

He had the audience sing portions of his popular songs. He had members of the audience who wore theme costumes from his albums come up on the stage, and he chatted with them.

Make it about the customer.

Paul McCartney Customer Engagement makes the show about the audience.

McCartney gave positive gestures to the audience throughout the show. He continued to engage the audience with questions.  When the audience responded, he nodded approval, smiled, and gave thumbs up.

None of his performance was about Paul McCartney.  It was entirely about the audience.  Even the stories he shared about Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, John Lennon, and George Harrison were stories that McCartney believed would interest the audience.

Give the customer value added service.

Paul McCartney Customer Engagement is about giving the audience more than they paid for.

The senior but apparently not aging rocker performed for 3 hours without a break. The band went off stage for a break.  However, McCartney continued to perform in the band’s absence.  And how many performers do a three-hour show without a second-tier band to go in and lived up the crowd?