Poise: You can have it, and it’s free. Here’s how.

Poise: You can have it, and it’s free!

Poise: It’s inside you. ~ www.jaywren.com

Some people have a graceful balance.  They exude confidence.  Their presence is dignified and reassuring.  They have a quiet command presence.  They have poise.

Inner Calm

Poise begins with an inner calmness.  This calmness radiates outward.  Here are some things you can do to develop the inner calmness that gives you poise.


Not everyone who has poise feels compassion.  But everyone who feels compassion have poise.

People who have compassion are not self-conscious.  They are not thinking about themselves.

On the other hand, self-absorbed people focus on what’s going on inside their head.  They think about how unfairly the world treats them.  These people build anger and intolerance.  They lack the grace and balance of a person with poise.

People with poise release the insecurities that come from thinking about ourselves.  Their insecurities dissipate like clouds.

When we feel compassion, our thinking goes outward to the real world.  We are not thinking about ourselves.  We are we thinking about other people and the world around them.  Additionally, we are thinking about people in kind of and positive way.  We become gracious and our minds create emotional balance.

Compassionate people have a gracious interest in the world where they live.  They have poise.


Conscious breathing creates focus in the present moment.  It assists us to do at a higher, more natural level.

Professional athletes in all sports take a deep breath to focus and gain composure.  Watch a basketball player on a free throw line.  They take a deep breath to relax.  Baseball pitchers do the same thing.  Before each pitch, they settle into position, select their pitch, and then they take a deep breath.  Batters also regain focus and clear their mind by taking a deep breath before stepping into the batter’s box.

Watch swimmers on the starter’s stand.  They take a deep breath.  The extra oxygen burns off adrenaline.   Their mind goes from internal insecurity to the water in front of them.

Body Language

Put your shoulders back.  Uncross your arms.  Relax your muscles.  Allow your body to send signals of balance and confidence.   Your body language will help other people feel confident and happy around you.  It will also transform your mental state to a balanced confidence.  You will exude poise.