Politics: A Majority Are Sick of It.

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Politics: A Majority Are Sick of It.

The news of politics has begun wears on people. However, most Americans are tired of hearing about politics.

Looking for headlines to cover, the media hover over current events for political sound bites.  Add to those soundbites the in-depth coverage of speeches and now conventions.  Furthermore, candidates are starting to hit the media with advertising campaigns.

Pause Before Posting

Sharing online stories on is as easy as clicking a share button.  However, if the story is about politics, pause before posting.  Your friends and connections are probably tired of hearing about it.

They get more than a daily dose from major media.

If you feel the need to wake people up to your cause, they are probably already tired of hearing about that cause.  Apathy in politics is different from political exhaustion.  People aren’t indifferent.  The media have burned them out on politics.

What is Your Goal?

It is always good to remember to ask ourselves why we are on social media.  Is it our goal to make new friends and expand our business network?  Is it our goal to reconnect with friends and business connections?

Or is our goal really to promote a political agenda?

Knowing the goal is important.

When politicians are on the campaign stump, the best politicians say things that draw headlines.  The media people pick these things from political speeches and write their headlines.  Conservative, liberal, and progressive media use headlines to draw subscribers.  Promoting your career with politics is a good idea for people with political careers.  It is less of a good idea for people who are not in politics.

Image: Jay Wren