Power Performance: Teachers, Training, Teams, Time, Talent, Setting, Interest, Focus, Passion

If you want to become a power performer, you probably have more potential than you realize, and you may underestimate the value of talent.  Here are nine factors that affect success.   All are important.  No one thing determines success.

  1. Teachers create quality education and greatly increase success.  Teacher-of-the-year awards are important to remind us of the value great teachers give to the success of students. Great teachers create interest and focus.  Great teachers improve student performance.   They use effective methods to track student progress and revise the teaching plan to the progress of the students.
  2. Training is critical to performance growth.   Physical training builds strength, increases agility, and expands the intuitive response.   Mental training increases memory, decision accuracy, and mental quickness.
  3. Teams are far more than a cohesive unit.  Teams with great team attitude and team commitment teach each other to work at higher levels.
  4. Time is important for repetition.  As a people get more experience, they increase their skills.  They increase their understanding.  They increase their physical and mental agility.
  5. Talent is important but not an absolute reason in determining success.  A savant has extraordinary mental powers for solving some problems but can not function in normal human daily routines.
  6. Setting or site is important.  If a person wants to become a downhill skier but can never get to a place to ski, the person needs to change the setting to carry out the goal.
  7. Interest is important.  For people who just have no interest in a subject, learning that subject is very challenging.
  8. Focus is critical.  If a person does not pay attention and has to go over material several times to get the point, the person may never understand the material at all.  If a person does not have focus when performing a task, just doing the task correctly is impossible.
  9. Passion makes doing a job so much easier.  If you want to become a powerful performer, pick things that you just absolutely love to do.

Trust yourself to become a power performer.  Put together all the pieces to create success.    Why shouldn’t you be the power performer that you want to become?  Just turn your want to become into doing the things that enable you to become that power performer.

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