PredictSpring – Revolutionizing Mobile Commerce

PredictSpring - Revolutionizing Mobile Commerce

PredictSpring – Revolutionizing Mobile Commerce:  What this platform does is transform the mobile phone into a competitive e-commerce (or m-commerce) device with a “buy button” right on the screen.

“The PredictSpring platform includes dozens of plug-ins to connect to virtually any e-commerce system, payment gateway, inventory system, CRM or loyalty system and product catalog, Once connected you can enable “Buy buttons” on social media apps or configure your visually rich and powerful mobile apps. The PredictSpring platform is fully customizable using Content Management System (CMS) to meet each brands unique needs. The native app you create can feature ApplePay, Geofence notifications, barcode scanning, type ahead search or any of our over 30 fully native modules. Alternatively, use our SDK to accelerate your custom app building with these same native modules. The PredictSpring Commerce Gateway provides unified API to make product content ‘shoppable’ through “Buy buttons” on social media or publisher apps.” Source: PredictSpring – Revolutionizing Mobile Commerce

Image: Maurizio Pesce/Flickr