Preparation: The Key to Self-confidence

Preparation: The Key to Self-confidence

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” Arthur Ashe

An effective way to prepare for anything is to create an outline of the things you want to do, that is, an agenda.

Below is an interview agenda you can use as a format for any meeting.  I worked with one of my daughters to help prepare this agenda for an interview.  She got the job.

The Agenda

Why I am interested in working for your company?

  1. The reputation of the company as a customer-based marketer
  2. The long history of success of your company
  3. The opportunity to work in an environment that enables me to use the promotional and marketing tools I have developed for my career
  4. The commitment to respecting and honoring all employees for their service
  5. The opportunity to work in the field of my choice: sports promotion and marketing

What I bring to your company

  1. Team skills with work with other people in all departments
  2. Experience in creating promotional marketing programs to target community customers
  3. A successful history of developing marketing strategies that include customer service, pricing, product choice, graphic design, and product presentation at retail and in the media

My thoughts on marketing and sales promotion

  1. Does it present value to the customer?
  2. Does it create the correct brand image?
  3. Does it reach your target customer base?
  4. Does it make a buyer out of your customer?
  5. Does it create repeat customers?

Ways that I can make sure that you reach your goals.

  1. Identify the target customer
  2. Identify the message that will reach and draw that customer
  3. Create a consistent brand image that will build customer loyalty

Create your own agenda.  Prepare for any meeting or activity with research and outline your research results in an agenda.  You will build your self-confidence and increase your control over your meetings and activities.