How to Receive Job-Winning Reference Checks

Hiring companies will very likely check references as part of your employment process.   You can help your references with information that will make them more comfortable, more positive, and be better prepared to take the call.

Provide them with the following information.

  • The name of the person who will be calling
  • The responsibility of the person who will be calling
  • Some background information on the reference checker
  • Information about the company to which you are applying
  • A description of the responsibilities of the job for which you will be applying
  • A review of the things you have accomplished that make you qualified for the job
  • An understanding of your sincere interest in getting this job

The person acting as your reference is doing you a favor.  They are devoting their time and perhaps experiencing a bit of pressure in going through the process of discussing information about you with a third-party.

So make certain that you express your gratitude for the help your references are giving you.  You might send your references a thank you note for agreeing to help you, even before they receive the call from the hiring company.

All of these things work to your advantage.  You will more be creating references who are likely to be enthusiastic, credible, and persuasive about your qualifications for and your interests in the job for which you are applying.

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