Productivity: 5 Things Highly Successful People Do Differently

Being busy means nothing.  Success comes from getting things done. ~

Productivity: Some people have a successful career based on their ability to get things done. Other people accomplish less and their careers fail. Why?

1. Have a Simple Productivity Process

Bricklayers start the day with the same tools and supplies.  From there they lay one brick.  Then another brick.  By the end of the day, bricklayers have finished a section of a wall or a complete wall.

Each day they use the same process to build walls.  They finish a project.  Then, using the same simple process, they start a new project.

2. Stay on Tasks

Productive people finish one task before starting on the next task.  They cut the wasted time of going back and forth between tasks.  Through the day, they steadily complete more tasks than people who waste time going back and for between tasks.

3. Eliminate Distractions.

Focus is as much about what you don’t think about as it is what you do think about.  If a phone is not important to their work, productive people turn off their phones.

Successful people cut the noise that disturbs their focus.  They don’t listen to music or podcasts and they don’t have the television on in the background.

4. Take Breaks that Clear the Mind

Snack breaks and lunch breaks cut the energy loss from hunger.  Furthermore, sitting quietly clears your mind and restores your energy and focus.

5. Schedule a Time for Distractions

Yes, schedule specific times for distractions. Scheduling time to surf the web and play with cell phones cuts the risk of distraction during work.

The time to schedule distractions is before we schedule our work.  Scheduling distraction time cuts the feeling of being deprived.  Furthermore, knowing that we have a time specifically for distractions reinforces the awareness of cutting distractions from the periods of work.