Resume Titles

The purpose of resume titles is to target jobs that you are seeking.  

The wording of a resume title is different from stating an objective for your resume, but serves a similar purpose.  By carefully selecting resume titles, you will add words to your resume that will come up in database searches and will catch the eye of recruiters as they review resume files.

The title you select should reflect the experience that you have which qualifies you for a particular job.  There are a couple of ways to find good resume titles.  One is to do Internet searches based on your experience and select the most appropriate titles that appear in the search results.  Another way is to take the title of the position from a job description and title you resume with the same wording.  This method is effective for targeting a position.

For example, the job description is titled “Consumer Products Brand Manager.”  Just copy and paste that title in your resume title.  Be aware that some resume templates limit the number of characters you can put in your job title.

Below the resume title, you might add a paragraph or a few bullet points from your experience.  You can include keywords from your experience that match other words in the job description.

There are benefits to resume titles.

One of the benefits of having of resume title is that you job title may not accurately match your experience with the job you are seeking.  However, an accurate resume title may match your experience as well as the requirements of the job.

A second benefit of the resume title is that it gives you extra keywords that you pull your resume in computer searches.

A third benefit is that having a resume title to target a specific job may be the tipping point for the hiring manager actually reading your resume.

There are shortcomings to resume titles.

A resume title focuses on a specific job, specific category of jobs, or a specific industry.  This focus can prevent a hiring manager from reading past the title when your resume title does not match the keywords of the position for which the hiring manager is seeking applicants.

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