Sales: How to Stop Selling and Start Helping People

Sales: Why is it that some companies have return customers and continue to attract new customers?  Does the way they sell make a difference?

Sales is About Helping People Get What They Want. ~

Sales: How to Stop Selling and Start Helping People.

The most important thing a salesperson can do is to help without getting in the way.

When salespeople make everything about closing the sale and not what the customer needs, they risk losing the sale.  Furthermore, they risk ever seeing the customer again.

Buying customers do want to buy things.  Great salespeople make the purchase easier.

Helping:  Buying Customers Need Information.

Even when making the simplest purchase, customers may need help to understand pricing, product differences, or even what a product does.  A helpful salesperson can play a role in helping customers understand what they need to know.

Even though the goal of the salesperson is to sell something, the role of the salesperson is informing the buyer.

A helpful salesperson makes it their obligation to tell the customers the things that they need to know.

Limitations: You Can’t Help Everyone.

Some buyers hate dealing with salespeople so much that they refuse to look at a salesperson even when greeted.  You can’t help everyone. Nor should you try.

You want to work with the best customers.  That is, the customers who interested in buying and who want a salesperson to help them make the best decision.  You can’t help everyone.

Objections: When is an Objection a Request for More Information?

Salespeople need to know when an objection is a request for more information.  Customers can’t always know the best time to buy a product.  They can’t know the availability of a product or how quickly a product is selling.  They sometimes don’t understand how a product fits their needs.

Great salespeople know when and how to help.