Sample Job Description Vice President Account Management

Sample Job Description Vice President Account Management


The VP Account Management is a combination farmer/hunter who must be able to articulate the company value proposition to both business
and technical users at the senior and field sales and marketing level both online and in face to face meetings. The position associates
exceedingly strong account management, business development and communication skills with the ability to gain internal credibility and
support for the mission. Key Performance Indicators include the ability to grow and develop current clients as well as develop and close on a
pipeline of new client business created from either self-directed prospecting, inclusive of gathering qualified RFPs, or company leads. KPI’s
will include Current Client Revenue Growth, Corporate and Field Sales & Marketing Adoption, New Client Sales, and Profitability at minimum.
The bottom line is the successful candidate must be driven to deliver meaningful recurring revenue growth with margins acceptable to
Executive Management.

VP Account Management candidates are the organizations primary driver of revenue from existing and new client sales. They are responsible
for actively driving and managing the technology evaluation stage of the sales process, working in conjunction with the internal team as the
key business advisor and product advocate for our solutions. The VP Account Management must be able to identify, understand and resolve
business and technical marketing challenges of clients and prospects to assure complete customer satisfaction through all stages of the
relationship. Must be able to establish, grow and maintain strong relationships throughout the client organization. The candidate must also be
able to succeed within resource constraints and manage the prospect through each part of the process.

Principal Job Responsibilities:
1. Be the primary Business Driver in assigned Accounts, Region and/or Verticals
2. Communicate the Company value proposition and continually reaffirm its value to Clients, Prospects and their Agencies
3. Perform to KPI structure for Existing Client Revenue Plan, Profitability, New Accounts, End User Adoption
4. Accurately Forecast Revenue on an ongoing basis
5. Negotiate, execute and manage business agreements with Clients and Prospects
6. Build solid internal relationships at ALL levels of Account Management, Finance, Operations and IT; develop credibility, collaboration
and team work
7. Provide world-class demos and presentations to Clients, Prospects and End Users Online or Face to Face with equal success.
8. Be the Client Advocate and New Business Closer and know that you have developed all the needed support internally

Other Functions:
• Be active in Trade Associations, Market Research and Product Development
• Know your Clients Business, Company’s Competition and Report Key Competitive Activities to Executive Management
• Participate in overall Business Planning and Reporting
• Participate in the planning and implementation of special initiatives
• Develop robust Client and Prospect Contact List in Company CRM

Bachelor’s degree. Minimum 5-7 years highly successful work experience in sales/business development. Knowledge of and Experience in
the Marketing Services arena, specifically SaaS or other software-based products and solutions that focus on Marketing Execution, Sales
Support and/or Retail Marketing, working with Agencies in past a plus.

• Knowledge of Marketing Services Environment
o Experience with one or more of the following solution sets: Retail and or Field Sales & Marketing Program Support, Marketing Software,
Ad Builder Software, Digital Print Software, POP Execution at Retail, ERP Software with a connection to Sales & Marketing, Sales/CRM
Software all preferably provided in a SaaS model
o Existing network and contacts
• Problem Solver
o Strong evaluator, “can do” approach
o Flexibility and resiliency; self-supporting
o Ability to hit the ground running with short training period
o Experience to know when to move on when value proposition, and/or budget, is not readily identifiable
o Understanding of solutions selling and not just product placement
• Account and Pipeline Management
o Attention to detail and ability to follow through
o Influencer, credible and well organized
o Strategic thinker/planner and results oriented
• Team Player
o Willingness to share information and pitch in when needed
o Ability to understand constraints of others

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