Self-Confidence: Getting to ‘You Got This!’

Self-Confidence: Getting to “You Got This!”

The Power of Self-Confidence: Become Unstoppable, Irresistible, and Unafraid in Every Area of Your Life by Brian Tracy

Get up every day and tell yourself, “You got this!”

Never sell yourself short.  In order to lead, you need self-confidence.  You must believe in your own abilities.

Most people easily agree with certain principles.  I am not a mathematician.   We can all easily agree on that point.

However, mathematics gives us a simple example of this point.  I will not frighten or bore you with complicated math problems.  If you are a mathematician, I will try not to annoy you.

But to make mathematics work, we have to start with some assumptions.  Likewise, to make self-confidence work, we must start with some assumptions.

Mathematicians start by agreeing that the number on one side of an equal sign is the same as the number on the other side of the equal sign:

1 =1

Simple enough.

The second thing that mathematicians agree on is never to divide by zero.  There are a number of explanations of the problems of dividing by zero.

The real fact is that we cannot make mathematics work unless we agree that 1 = 1 and that we will never, ever divide by zero.

Self-confidence begins with some basic principles about your own life.  These principles are not as obvious as 1 =1.

However, they can open a world for you as great as the world that mathematics has opened for you.