Simple, Effective Business-Writing and Public-Speaking Principles

The basic principles for business writing and public speaking is to get accurate information to reading or listening audience.   The best communicators select words that will ensure that their message is easy to understand. For business and public speaking, the power of their material is in the subject matter.

Simple sentences are the easiest to understand.  These types of sentences express the action of one person, animal, or object creating one action or more actions.  The cat meowed. The dog barked and howled.

Compound sentences have two subjects performing two separate actions.  The cat meowed, and the dog barked.

In a complex sentence, the communicator is using a phrase to describe the action in the sentence.  Complex sentences help the writers and speakers express time and location.  After sundown, the cat meowed.  When the cat meowed, the dog barked.

Adjective clauses enable a writer to define or describe the subject of the sentence.  The dog that barked is a small.

The more complicated the writer or speaker makes a sentence, the more risk the person  makes brings to making the information to understand.  Example:  As Mary approached Jim on the left and the lion eased into view just over the horizon on the right and Jim’s arms began to tire from the heavy load of the four water pails, Jim breathed deeply, trembling and straining to find his focus and maintain faith that any action at all, however quick on his part, to reach the gun was worthwhile, and he called to Mary to leave immediately, so that he could deal independently  and with total focus on frightening the lion through shouting or move to grab the gun and in doing so move away from the lion and yet reduce the likelihood that he could intimidate the lion and frighten the lion away.

Simple, factual adjectives can be helpful in writing.  The red books are encyclopedias.
However, there are many adjectives that just waste space in business writing.  In business writing and speaking, select adjectives for the following purposes.

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Simplicity
  3. Accuracy
  4. Honesty
  5. Relevance
  6. Conciseness
  7. Professionalism
  8. Courteous tone
  9. Completeness

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