Simplicity: The Essential Leadership Skill for Success

Simplicity: As situations become more complex, simplicity is a powerful tool. How do leaders eliminate the clutter to create success?

Simplicity creates clarity and empowers leaders to remove the roadblocks to success.

The Clarity of Simplicity

Simplicity creates clarity.

  • When leaders speak with simplicity, their message is easier to understand.
  • Simplifying their schedule creates clarity on the things that leaders must do to be effective.
  • Creating simple strategies clarifies the mission and reduces mistakes.
  • Simplifying product mix and services creates clarity in the purpose of the company.
  • The clarity of simplicity throughout an organization empowers the organization to do the big things that count the most.

Simplicity and Priorities

The most important things don’t automatically become visible.  Simplicity helps leaders see what is important.

To speak effectively, leaders eliminate the words and ideas that are not important.  Therefore, the only thing left to say are the simple things that effectively make the leader’s point.

Likewise, leaders must know the actions that are distractions and the actions that are essential.  They eliminate everything that is a waste of time.

On a grander scale, leaders of large companies simplify product mix to the products that guarantee the greatest success in sales, market share, and profits.  Simplifying successful product mix by eliminating the products that detract from the company’s successful products is one of the greatest and most important challenges in leadership.

Stating the Purpose Increases Simplicity

Employees must know what to do.  Without stating the purpose, leaders leave employees to find their own purpose and to work on projects that take them further away from the goal.

In product development, the first step is to state the purpose of not just the project but, also, of the product.

Case Study Statement: “The purpose of the project is to create a hand soap.  The purpose of the new hand soap is to increase market share through increased product effectiveness.”

This step simplifies the focus and makes developers stick to the mission.

From there, developers and project managers must use this focus to create a project plan.  With this plan, developers and project managers can stay on task and measure progress against milestones.

Simplicity Reduces Stress and Increases Engagement

Focused people have a present-moment experience that eliminates the stress of a cluttered mind.  Furthermore, a focused mind is more engaged in work and less engaged in distracting thoughts that create fear and regret.