Six Tips to Keep Your Job Search Fresh

Keep your job search fresh through these simple but effective steps.

1. Constantly review your goals.

As you go through your job search, you will learn more about the opportunities you have set as goals for your career search.  You will learn which companies offer opportunity and which companies are a waste of time.  You will discover new opportunities that you will want to pursue.  Stay flexible and adjust your goals.

2. Adjust your marketing plan to fit your goals.

You will get feedback on your resume, emails, and follow-up process.  You will learn when and where to use telephone marketing.  You will learn better ways to get interviews with companies.  Follow up on resumes and interviews to keep the communications flowing between you and the hiring company.  Stay flexible and respond to the new things that you learn.

3. Schedule and track you activity on a calendar.

Always list appointments and the things you need to do on a calendar.  Review your calendar every day.  Move the things that you did not complete forward on your calendar.  Urgently act on the things you have put on your calendar.  These things are the steps that will help you reach your career goals.  Do note delete completed activities.  Mark them as completed.  This method will enable you to analyze what things that work and what things do not work.  Your analysis can help you make your strategies more effective.  Summarize results.  Add new activities as you go forward in your search.

4. Dig deeply into opportunities.

Once you learn about a promising opportunity, dig deeply into what you need to do to get an interview.  Find out the name and contact information of the key managers in the company.  Network with those people or with people who can help you connect with those people.

5. Ask questions as you speak with people.

Your direct contacts are often your best source of information.  Ask them who is hiring.  Ask them for names of contacts.  Ask them for the contact information of the people and companies.  Ask them if they can get you an interview with a company.  If a person has effective relationships in a company, ask the person to give you recommendations and introductions.  Work your network to connect with anyone in a company who might you help you understand the company and what it is like to work for the company.

6. Practice life-work balance to keep your job search fresh.

A job search certainly takes weeks.  It may take months.  Schedule breaks, entertainment, family time, and exercise.  Taking care of yourself physically and mentally is as important part of your job search.  This type of in-depth management will help you become more effective in your career and your personal life.

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