Social Media and Your Career: Do These Things.

Social Media and Your Career: Do These Things

There are some simple suggestions that can make you social media career campaign easy to manage and very effective.

Post one profile photo on all social media sites.  That photo is your brand packaging.

Attire for your profile photo:  A suit and tie are okay.  An open-collared shirt is okay.  However, unless you name is Mark Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook, you probably should wear a shirt with a collar.

Write full sentences on your web posts.  Use complete words.  Use simple sentences and easy to understand words everyone knows.

Say nice things on all web posts.  Do you remember what Thumper told Bambi?  “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”  Everybody loves Thumper.

The best boss I ever had told me those exact words.  He retired as a four-star Navy Admiral and went to become CEO of two corporations and in his last capacity was head of the United States Nuclear Research Program.  I absolutely love Thumper and absolutely respect and admire Admiral S.R. Foley, Jr., who gave me that advice.

Say nice things about yourself on the Internet.  List your accomplishments the way you would on your resume.

Be 100% honest in the things you say about yourself.  If you are accurate and 100% honest in your Internet postings, you will be 100% consistent in your web postings.

Join groups and participate in those groups.  People go to groups on membership to do a lot of different things.  If you want people to respect you, offer suggestions to people who are asking for help.

Interact on membership sites.  Registering with a membership site and interacting with people will help you build your professional network quickly.

On membership sites, tell people when they have done a good job and congratulate them when they get a new employer or a promotion.

Have fun.  Make friends.  Enrich your life and the lives of others.  Use social media every day.

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