Solutions: How Successful People See the World

Solutions: Viewing the world as a series of problems is discouraging, even scary.  How can we change our outlook for greater success?

People who see solutions do not view the world as a series of problems. ~

My Story

When I was a Navy bridge officer on a carrier, I had a commanding officer who required that all the bridge officers recognize the times when we needed to let him know about a problem. Sometimes, urgency required that we tell him before we had a solution. However, he also demanded that we bridge officers give him a solution when we could develop one.  Furthermore, he asked that we give him more than one solution.  He asked that we give him options.

His requirements for dealing with problems taught us to see more than the problems we met.  We learned to think tactically.  We developed skills to find solutions.  This growth experience in problem solving prepared us to manage greater responsibility.


Recognizing problems when they are real is a practical view of the world.  Acting to solve problems is also practical.  This action reduces our anxiety and clears our mind to make better decisions.


In many cases, we have what we need to deal with problems, if in fact, they ever happen.  For example, there are solutions to reducing stage fright.  When we fear speaking in front of other people, we are focusing is on how other people will judge us.

However, none of us can control how other people will judge us.  On the other hand, what all of us can do is to stay in the present moment and prepare for interviews and presentations.  When we know our material, and when we can present it with confidence in front of a mirror, giving our presentation to an audience becomes easier.


When we see a problem ahead, we should always tell our supervisor long before the problem happens.  Doing so gives them the time to find solutions.

Furthermore, we should not wait to find a solution to every problem before notifying our supervisor.

However, we can let supervisors know that we are working on a solution or that we have a recommended solution.

Problem Solvers Gain Respect

People who live with a head full of anxiety lack confidence.  Expressing anxiety to a supervisor or team members weakens the confidence that these people have in us.

However, people who show others have how to solve problems gain respect and emerge as leaders.