Staying Healthy for Your Career Increases Your Success

Staying healthy and being successful go hand in hand. ~

I found that when I quit smoking and started exercising, my personal performance doubled.

Steps to Staying Healthy

Get your doctor’s advice before starting an exercise program.

To turn my decision to exercise into action, I set up situations and times to exercise. I involved my family and friends.  Whenever possible, I exercised with my clients.  I found it helpful for staying healthy to involve other people.

Health Clubs

I enjoyed going to a health club for several years. The club had coffee and other beverages. The equipment was ready to use. I could go to the health club on my way to work or during my lunch hour. After exercising, I could shower and shave and go directly to work.

My clients were all over the country.  When we were staying at the same hotel, I would ask some of my clients to join me in exercising.

Sports Teams

Softball games at company picnics may be as common as the potato salad and the barbecue on the menu. I have been to national company meetings where golf, beach volleyball, relays, tennis, and softball were all part of the company activities. Sports may be a terrific way to expand your network within your company, with your clients, and at trade events.

My wife and I played co-ed adult soccer, volleyball, and softball. I coached and played on men’s softball teams.

While playing sports, my wife and I had a wonderful time.  We spent more time with our friends.

Furthermore, we got to exercise when we might otherwise have sat on the sofa and watched television.

Get Sports Partners.

If you do not have friends for golfing, tennis, handball, racquetball, basketball, bowling, running, or other activities, ask your friends or family if they would like to join you for play time.

Buy Inexpensive Equipment.

Finding free exercise equipment is not necessarily easy, but it is far from complicated. For over 10 years, I used an exercise bike in my family room and a weight machine and free weights on my covered patio. I enjoyed using this equipment. Over time, I began to enjoy walking and calisthenics more than I enjoyed sitting on a stationary bike or lifting weights. I listed the equipment on Craigslist and did get a few bucks for my equipment.

I have found listings on Craigslist for free equipment. In some cases, people list equipment just to have someone come to their home and take it away.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate.  I have a friend who listed a Shopsmith™ woodworking table for free on Craigslist. He did not get any calls. Then, he changed the price from free to $50.00. He started getting offers at once and the equipment was gone in 3 days.  However, if anyone had asked, he would have let the equipment don’t for free.

Walk. Run. Lift. Move Your Body.

If you live in a safe area and you do not suffer from injuries or health issues, just walk out the door and walk back in after a great trip around the neighborhood.

Calisthenics can be very effective as well: toe raises, sit ups or crunches, leg lifts, squats, lunges, push-ups, pull ups.

If you want to add a little weight, fill a couple of water bottles with sand and do upper body exercises while marching in place or walking for 15 minutes.

Joining a Class

Physical activity classes are helpful in staying healthy.

There are classes for every activity: yoga, meditation, martial arts, golf, tennis, fencing, horseback riding, casting and fly fishing, ad infinitum. There are also trainers or personal coaches for any sport you can imagine. Before joining a class or signing up for instructions from a stranger, ask around to see what other people have experienced through the classes, place, or person you are considering. You might also check on the Internet to see if people have reviewed the place where you are considering taking a class.

My wife and I joined dancing classes on two occasions. I managed not to embarrass her too badly, and we had a wonderful time. I have also taken classes for golf, meditation (a mental exercise), baseball, and volleyball. Taking classes is a lot of fun, especially when you take them with your family or friends.

Take Exercise Vacations

Rather than go someplace where you sit around a pool or on a beach, go someplace where you can hike, surf, snorkel, fly fish, or take walking tours.

Even in the Lottery, Work Comes Before Success.

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