Steve Jobs is The Greatest Salesman All Time.

Walter Isaacson wrote the biography, Steve Jobs.
From the dust jacket:  ” Walter Isaacson, chairman of the Aspen Institute, has been the chairman of CNN and the managing editor of Time Magazine.   He is the author of Einstein, His Life and Universe, Benjamin Franklin, An American Life, and Kissinger: A Biography, and coauthor, with Evan Thomas, of The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World they Made.”

After reading Isaacson’s biography of Jobs, if someone were to ask me to describe Steve Jobs, I would say that Steve Jobs is the greatest salesman of all time.

Without spoiling the book, I will tell you that what I learned from Isaacson’s book is that a lot of people imagined, created, and produced Apple and Pixar products, but it was Steve Jobs’ instinct for selling products that made Apple and Pixar successful.

Steve Wozniak is an electronics genius whose interests end with making products and Wozniak has made a lot of products beyond those sold at Apple.  Steve Jobs was a genius who shared Wozniak’s love of making products, and extended that love of making products forward to selling those products to consumers.  Jobs relationship with Wozniak was just the beginning of Jobs role as a great salesman at Apple.

Some of the most clicked links on the Internet are links to product presentations which Jobs gave to shareholders.  All through his life, Jobs was a charismatic, rebellious, iconoclastic salesman who would call anyone on the phone, declare himself hired before even interviewing for a job, and insist that everyone bend to his will.  He was self-centered, but even more than self-centered, he was purpose driven, and he drove everyone else to bend to his will and his purpose.

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