Stop Thinking and Start Living

Life is a lot easier when I don't think about

Life is a lot easier when I don’t think about it. ~

Extraordinary things happen when I stop thinking and start living.   

I can solve problems.

When my mind clears, I can concentrate on making good decisions and finding excellent solutions to opportunities in front of me.  There is a difference between planning and ruminating.  When I am planning, I am actively engaged in the present moment. I am taking action on things that I will do in the future.  When I am ruminating, I am just sticking pins in my brain with the idea that I will finally come to a solution.

I can let go of painful mind games.

Fear and worry are the thoughts I am having about the future.  Guilt and resentments are thoughts I am having about the past.  When I stop thinking about the future and the past, I can stop playing the painful mind games that go along with mental time travel.

Change the Subject

Am I seeing the world in front of me or am I pouring over my worries?

I can be present for the people around me.

When I am analyzing my life, I can’t be mentally present for the people around me.  I can’t be a good friend, father, husband, or grandparent. I can’t follow directions.  I can’t lead intelligently.

However, when I stop thinking and start listening, I become a better person for the people in my life.

I can shape my thinking despite my moods.

My thinking is related to my moods.  My moods go up after I eat or listen to music or get some rest or get some good news.  My moods may go down when I am hungry or tired or get bad news or sometimes for reasons that I cannot identify.

As my moods rise and fall, the thoughts I attach to my moods in terms of thinking become more intense or less intense.  However, by becoming self-aware, I can pick better things to think about than the things that reflect my mood.

Images: Jay Wren

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