The Best Way to Get the Job You Want

The best way to get the job you want is to go to the places that have that type of job. This statement sounds obvious. But many people never understand this fact.

They check the job boards. They register with a recruiter. They hear about jobs from their friends.  Don’t these people get the job want?  Sometimes. What they usually get is the job that is easy to find.

There are risks in using job boards, recruiters, and friends. If your company is sourcing job boards, your company can see your resume listed there.  As for recruiters and friends, some recruiters and friends tell the wrong people that you are looking for a job.

So how do you get the job you want?

First, use the Internet to find the companies in your area.

Search for jobs in a search engine. Not a job search engine.  Use a real search engine.  Use Google or Bing.

Enter phrases like these.

  • Best companies in [name of city]
  • Jobs in [name of city]
  • All companies in [name of city]
  • [name of skills] jobs

You will find hundreds of companies in your area.  Pick the companies where you can get the job you want.  Location. Type of job.  Industry. Your skills.

Check to see if you know anyone at the company that has the job you want.  Personal referrals can help you.  They can help you apply to the right place.  They can help you prepare for an interview.  They can let you know if the company really is the place where you want to work.

Check the company website.  Companies list jobs on their website.  If you see the job you want, apply for that job.  If you can apply at the company’s office, do that.  Some companies will interview walk-in applicants on the spot.

If the company does not have an opening for the job you want but takes on-going applications, complete an application.  Follow up with the company once a month.  You can still get the job you want when the job is available.

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