The Blinding Power of Security


  1. Sometimes recognizing that your cheese is no longer in the same place is a challenge.  It is easy to know that opportunity no longer exist with a company when the company has closed its doors at a place where you had a nice steady job.  The company goes out of business.  You have no place to go to work, because there is no company.  It is time to go look for opportunity somewhere else.Security can blind company employees.  Locked in with benefits built over time, people will stay until the company closes its door and turns off the lights.  Unless there is a sizeable severance package, the time to find another job is before the company shuts down.The challenge becomes more difficult when you are in the ebb and flow of business where you have surges of great success and then tremendous declines.  Entertainers and professional athletes sometimes find that their careers soar to high levels, stay there for years, and then all the opportunity disappears.  They may find themselves on a very high platform where they have made a great deal of money, and no skills that can give them another job.

    Success can create a mirage of more success in the distance.  It is very easy to live high with tremendous amounts of money.  Easy research shows that highly successful entertainers and athletes become some of the leading tax deadbeats.  The mirage of success blinded them from seeing the risk to their career future.

    The shifting United States economy has left many companies out of business.  Many companies have outsourced their work to other countries.  Companies have consolidated.  Other companies have disappeared.  This process is not new and it is never-ending.  Print media and brick and mortar stores have disappeared.

    Seeing the changes coming sometimes is impossible.  I once spoke with a woman whose husband owned a grocery store chain.  She said that she felt secure, because people always ate.  Later a major national chain bought out another local retailer in the same market and ran discounts prices that drove put the woman’s family stores out of business.

    To find happiness and success, the simple principle is to stay loose and flexible.  Change can happen before you see it happening.  The important thing is to accept change as part of life.

    1. Let go of the situations that you cannot control.
    2. Move on to a new business.
    3. Develop new skills.
    4. Be realistic about what you can do.
    5. Be easy on yourself.  Some things are beyond your control.

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