Jay Wren: the CPG Industry Recruiter

What is the consumer packaged goods industry? I do get ask that question from time to time. The consumer-packaged goods industry is comprised of those companies that manufacture, advertise, and distribute products that are in a package and readily consumable. Examples of consumer-packaged goods are canned soup, laundry soap, beverages, paper towels, candy, and so forth.  The points of distribution for the CPG industry are grocery stores, convenience stores, mass merchants, deep discounts or dollar stores, club stores, and drug stores. The CPG sector is sometimes divided in fresh, frozen, refrigerated, shelf stable foods, health and beauty aids, confection, and more recently and rapidly growing, natural or organic categories.

The areas of search that my company provides services include
  • Category Analysts
  • Marketing, Brand, Product Management
  • Initiative Specialization to include Innovation and Consumer Insight
  • Custom Research
  • Team Leader and Account Managers
  • Distributor and Broker Managers
  • Directors and Executives
  • Business Development
  • Category Management
  • Trade Marketing
  • Sales Analysts
  • Market Research and Analytics
My company also performs search for people and companies who support CPG companies. These companies provide these services:
Consumer Coupons
  • Free-standing Inserts (FSI)
  • Instant-Redeemable Coupons (IRC)
  • Direct Mail Coupons
  • In-store Coupons
In-Store Marketing Products
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Shelf Signs or Shelf Talkers
  • Floor Signs
  • Shopping Cart Signs
  • In-Store Radio
Research Products
  • Category Management
  • Syndicated Data
  • Panel Data
  • Custom Research
  • Shopper Insights Research
A list of services that my company offers often for free in the website, by email and over the phone often include
  • Salary Information
  • Cost of Living Information for Employers
  • Employees
  • Resume Assistance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Post Interview
  • Writing Follow up and Thank You Notes
  • Company Information
  • Research free compensation information
  • Free salary information, and other relevant career information

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