Jobs and The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things: What is The Internet of Things and how is it different from the Internet?  I posted this question recently on a forum and a LinkedIn forum.

The Internet of Things is far more than new jargon.  The Internet of Things is the interconnectivity of more and more of the devices in our everyday lives.

The Internet of Things is the area of business that connects appliances, utilities, security devices, computers, printers, buildings, and other objects to a computer Intranet.

The devices developed as part of The Internet of Things enable a person to set the thermostat for their home, activate their home security system, and schedule their DVR to record their favorite programs, even when the person is miles away.

Google made a splash into The Internet of Things when it bought the connected device company Nest for $3.2 Billion.  Nest manufactures thermostats and smoke detectors.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a big growth area of job opportunity.

The Internet of Things needs people of all types.  Obviously, developers are critical in the development of new products.  Then there is the need for people to handle product design, manufacturing, finance, sales, sales planning, logistics, installation, marketing, and advertising.  Given the major shift in technology in Internet-connected devices and standalone devices, new jobs will evolve to train and develop workers who can make and market these devices.  The Internet of Things has a large foundation of startup companies.  Nest is just one example.  These start-up companies alone create opportunities for entirely new jobs.

The Internet of Things is rapidly expanding into manufacturing, health care, roadway controls, avionics, retail store operations, warehousing, logistics, and consumer electronics.

As is the case with any device on the Internet, The Internet of Things devices become cyber targets.  The downside is the cyber risks.  The upside is the creation of new jobs in cyber security focused on the devices of The Internet of Things.

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