Time Management: Building the Skills for Staying on Task

Time Management: Success comes from getting things done. Successful people use their time effectively to accomplish more. ~ www.jaywren.com

Big Projects and Time Management

When going through lengthy periods with big projects, I sometimes forget to set a daily schedule.  Deadlines come at me quickly. The most pressing tasks take priority over everything else.

But not keeping a schedule on busy days is a mistake.  I overlook small things that are still critical to overall success.  Furthermore, I let the demands of a big project become a flurry of activity that can take me off daily tasks that are critical to the project.

Returning to Time Management

When I stop keeping a schedule, my days become less productive. I wander off task.

I check my email.  Then, I check online for messages.  Next, I click around a couple of websites to stimulate my thinking for new projects.  Even though I have been very busy, I accomplish little or nothing.

Daily Schedule: Activities with Objectives

I schedule an activity.  Then I add what I plan to accomplish. I learned this lesson at Procter & Gamble.  I not only scheduled my sales appointments.  I list what I must accomplish during those appointments.

Scheduling an activity and a list of objectives is effective with personal matters.  For example, I have a doctor’s appointment on my schedule. I add the things I need to discuss with the doctor during my visit. My visit is more effective as I cover all the tasks I have for the doctor.

For me, there are several benefits to including objectives to my list of things to do.

  1. I don’t overlook important issue.
  2. Stating objectives is stimulates creativity.  I awaken my mind to more opportunities.
  3. Each day, I accomplish more.  Over the years, these accomplishments create greater success.
  4. I do one thing at a time.

Status Board 

As I complete tasks, I mark them completed.  At the end of the day, I review the schedule for tasks to reschedule.

My schedule is a status board of tasks done and not done.  I know which tasks I can put out of my mind.  Furthermore, I have the confidence of knowing that I will continue to stay on tasks the following day.