Tis the Season to Get a Job!

Jobs are always in season.  I have had applicants accept offers on nearly every day of the year. There are holidays year round.  If hiring managers have a need to hire a person, they continue the recruiting process until they make that hire.  If you going through a lag in activity, you can do things to create more activity in your job search.

Register with temporary agencies.  Many temporary jobs become careers. I have made permanent hires that started as temporary referrals.  I have a friend who started in a temporary job seven years ago.  He did a great job.  The company then funded his job as a full-time job.  He is still working for the same company.  He is in a larger role.

Look for seasonal jobs, part-time jobs, and full-time on the Internet.  There are listings for part-time work at all levels.  You can search Google for “part-time executive jobs,” “part-time director jobs,” and “part-time manager jobs.”  You will find listings for part-time work for nearly every job imaginable.

Continue to contact people right through the holidays. Most people are still working. Whether they are working or not, nearly everyone is reading email either to stay ahead at work or simply from habit.

Reconnect with your recruiter network.  Remind them that you are still out there.  Add new recruiters to your list of contacts and connect with these recruiters.

Expand your connections through referrals.  Remember to ask for referrals from each contact you make.  People do not always think to offer help with referrals.  However, some people will be very helpful to give you names of contacts who can help you.

Work with your career team.  These are the people you really know.  These are co-workers, bosses, people you have managed, friends, and family.  If you call them to give them updates, they may have ideas that will land you a job.

Review your resume and online profile for keywords. Use action words and nouns. Action words show your accomplishments.  These words are verbs.  Nouns are names.  Search engines look up names.

Remember that no matter what the season, you are responsible for your career.  There are jobs out there in a very competitive market.  The people who work the hardest at getting jobs are the people who are most likely to get a job.  In you are in a period of inactivity, you can create activity with the suggestions above.

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