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Retailing in America

Top 100 Retailers is an awesome website for learning about all aspects of the retail industry in all classes of retail.  Here is a sample of the information contains.

“The current retailing revolution isn’t about overthrowing the old elite; it’s about the speed with which the old dogs are learning new tricks. One such example: has joined the uppermost ranks of STORES magazine’s Top 100 Retailers. Last year Amazon was beaten — percentagewise — in e-commerce sales growth by Wal-Mart. Amazon’s total online volume dwarfed Wal-Mart’s, but Wal-Mart’s 30 percent increase in web sales outpaced Amazon’s 20 percent.”

To see the NRF list of “The Top 100 Retailers is STORES’ annual list of the nation’s largest retailers ranked by domestic retail sales,” click Top 100 Retailers | NRF.

Image: Brett VA/Flickr

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