Unfollow and Down Vote: Your Internet Power

Unfollow and Down Vote: Your Real Power on the Internet

Unfollow and down vote are consumer power on the Internet.  As a shopper, you have the consumer power of choosing where you spend your money. As an Internet user, you have the same power with your choice of sites that you visit and the posts you see.

You can’t police the Internet.  Even worse, complaining only makes things worse.  Whenever you complain about an Internet post, you spread the post like a virus.  You make it viral.

Today I saw a political post on LinkedIn. The post pulls two triggers. I hate this. I like this.

The haters jumped in.  They barked that the post did not belong on LinkedIn. They whined that it was unprofessional.

By complaining, they reposted the original post into the feed of everyone in their connections.

Why Friends Don’t Post Politics on the Internet

Don’t complain.  Unfollow and Down Vote: Your Real Power on the Internet

The better way to punish the people who annoy you on LinkedIn and Facebook is to unfollow them.

On LinkedIn, go to the person’s profile, find the send button, click the down arrow, and click view recent activity.  You will land on the person’s updates.  This is a very cool page.  You can not only follow and unfollow people. You can see how many total contacts they actually have!

LinkedIn Unfollow









Unfollowing people on Facebook is somewhat simpler.  Just go to their profile and find this button.  You can not only follow and unfollow people and pages.  You can see the priority for your news feed.


Facebook Follow Setting








Redditors have lethal power over posts they don’t like. They can downvote the post and down vote comments.  Redditors also have the power to block other Redditors.

Images: Jay Wren