Webcast Your Updates and Discussions from LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook/Facebook Page.

There are third-party applications that will post your online updates to your accounts at membership sites.

However, you can easily connect your membership accounts without sharing your information with third party applications.  Using just the three largest sites will give you a great deal of exposure.

To navigate through these steps, open a second browser page.

The order of connecting these sites is important.  Twitter will not post to your LinkedIn profile.

Sign in to LinkedIn.
In the top right-hand corner of the page, you will see your picture or a blank avatar.
Put your mouse pointer over this picture.
You will see a dropdown menu.
Click on the link “Privacy and Settings.”
Click on the link “Manage Your Twitter Settings.” (Right-side, bottom-half of the page)
Add your Twitter account, select option to show on you account, click “Save changes.”

When you post updates to your profile and when you make comments in group discussion, you can select whether you want the updates to post to Twitter.  A word of caution: in Group discussions, if you select to have the discussion posted on Twitter and the discussion is very popular, you may be getting a torrent of discussion going from LinkedIn through Twitter to Facebook, and what people say in discussions may not necessarily be what you want posted on Facebook.

Sign in to Twitter.
Click on the gear icon in the top right of the page.
Click on “Profile.”
Scroll to the bottom and click “Sign into Facebook.”
You will be given these options:

Allow Twitter to:
post retweets to Facebook
post to my Facebook profile
post to my Facebook page

Select the options you prefer.

Now you have connected your updates on the three most popular membership sites on the web.

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