What Not to Say in a Job Interview

What not to say in an interview is as important as what you say in an interview.

When you are in a job interview, don’t ruin your chances of getting a job by saying the wrong things.  You are rarely the only candidate in the interview process.  Saying things that make hiring managers and recruiters uncomfortable can cost you a job offer.

Don’t discuss politics, religion, sports, social issues, or news headlines.

You are in a job interview to discuss a job.  Unless the job that involves one of the above subjects, you will increase your chances of getting a job offer by avoiding those polarizing topics.

Don’t discuss personal problems.

Unfortunately, many people have personal problems and health problems.  Successful people know that the time to discuss those problems is in the privacy of their home or office.

Use your interview as an opportunity to show that you are competent, hardworking, and sincere.  If you are uncertain about some information that you think you should share with a future employer, research thoroughly what you should disclose and not disclose to a future employer.

“Don’t complain about your current company.”

When you are in an interview, do not complain about your boss, your company, your job, or anything else.  In an interview, you are trying to impress the hiring company with what a terrific person you are to have in the workplace.  No one wants to listen to a person complain.

Do not use obscene language.

Of course, you wouldn’t use obscene language in a job interview.

Don’t negotiate salary.  

Before you start flashing around your price tag, you need to sell the company on wanting to hire you.  Once the company makes you an offer, you can start to negotiate salary.  In the early stages of interviewing, don’t discuss salary.

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