What Readers Care About: The Google Trends List of Most Searched Words

Staying current on what other people care about is important to advertisers.  It is also important to your career and your business. Although some of this article is somewhat technical and focuses on cultural instead of business issues, this content reminds me that there is a lot more to life than work and apparently most people are enjoying those things outside of work.

I have a tendency to restrict my news to business content and that restriction is great from 8 – 5. However, we all need to remember that engines need oil changes and minds need subject changes.

Google’s Website Trends Tester is Google’s list of the hottest searches.  If you are just curious or if you want to target advertising or write about the things most people find interesting, you will be using words about sports (NBA, NFL, MLB), entertainment, and tech gadgets.

Health, jobs, and business will appear on the top of the Google list occasionally but usually on days where something truly monumental happens in those categories.

Websites can benefit from using these words.  At the same time, Google makes real efforts to prevent website publishers from taking advantage of these words just to stimulate traffic.

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