What to Bring to an Interview

What to bring to an interview is an important as the things you say in an interview.  Getting to an interview to discover that you do not have the things you need is not only embarrassing, it is often an interview killer.  I recommend that you buy a portfolio case or a briefcase that you use just for interviews.  Keep the case stocked with the materials that you will take to every interview.

When organizing your interview case, make sure you bring the following items.

  1. Bring several copies of your resume.  You should have a copy for your own use and a copy for each person on the interview schedule.  Take extra copies for people who are not on the schedule but who might come into the interview.  Sometimes having unexpected people join the interview is a sign that the company finds you a strong applicant.
  2. Take a copy of the interview agenda.  Reading this agenda during the day will help you stay fresh on the names of the people you are meeting.  You can also make notes on the agenda.  These notes come in handy for the thank note you send after the interview.
  3. Bring a list of references.  Do not offer these references to every person you meet.  However, if things proceed rapidly to an offer, you want to have your references handy to accelerate the process.
  4. Bring a brag book.  This book contains samples of your work, letters of endorsement, and examples of recognition,
  5. Bring your laptop.  If you have impressive presentations that you can show the interviewer, you can benefit from having your laptop to show the quality of your work.
  6. Bring business cards.  Some interviewers use your business card as a way to verify your employment and verify your job title.
  7. Bring a notepad.  You need to keep track of contact and company information that you learn during your interviews.
  8. Bring three or four pens.  The extra pens help you relax that you have a pen that works.  In addition, it is wise to make sure you can help an interviewer who does not have a pen for taking notes.

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