What to Do When You Hate Your Job And Feel Stuck

Oh, you hate your job? Oh my god, well why didn’t you say so? You know there’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY. They meet at the bar.”  Drew Carey

Do you hate your job and feel stuck?  You are not alone.  According to a Gallup report, 87% do not connect with the job they do everyday.

Other headlines across the Internet show that 70% to 80% hate their job.

Is there a job you would like but do not the skills for that job? Perhaps there is even a job in your current company that you would like to do if you were qualified.

There are ways to develop those skills.

First, find the skills that you need.  The process is easy.  Your motivation is strong, because you are working on things you love not things that make you hate your job.

Connect with people who have jobs that you would like to have.  People often love to talk about themselves.  Become a great listener.  Learn to ask good questions about what these people do.

As you learn things from people, read and research what they have told you.  As you learn more about what people do, you can ask questions that lead to skills development.

Make connections with managers who hire people for the type of job that you want.  Learn from these managers what they want in the people they hire.

Read job descriptions for the job you want.  You can find job descriptions on Internet job boards.  Make a list of the skills for these jobs.  Focus on the skills and requirements sections of the job descriptions.

Second, develop the skills that you need.

Evening classes consume time and cost money.  However, the time and money may have extra benefits that offer certification or credentials upon completion.  Certifications and credentials are often not only necessary but will look great on your resume for the rest of your career.

Volunteering is a way to connect with people and opportunities for skills development.  People are more willing to let you learn on the job when they do not have to pay you.

Create your own skills development program through free or paid Internet courses and textbook research.  Set a point where you want to develop your skills.  Select training programs that will enable you to develop your skills to that point.

For example, I wanted to develop some Internet programming skills.  I did not need to become an expert.  However, I completed a couple hundred  short lessons and reached the point I wanted to reach.  I still learn a few new things on a regular basis.

When you start a program that you develop yourself, you may feel that you have jumped into the middle of the ocean with no land in sight.

You just do not know what you do not know.  However, as you learn more, you will find that the pieces will come together into useful skills.

The Internet has countless free education and skills programs.  The Khan Academy is the best example of a free online education program.  YouTube has thousands of programs on every subject.

For other programs not on the Khan Academy or YouTube, just enter the name of the skills in a search engine.  You will find complete courses with dozens to even hundreds of lessons.

You do not have to hate your job.  Develop the skills to find a job you love.

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